The market leading surgical instrument scanner just got even better, crafted out of a single piece of alloy and fully IP65 rated carrying full CE and FCC certification. We have not only improved the case design but improved the system with our latest decoding algorithm which gives blistering performance on any code, allows full surgical instrument tracking & traceability.

"The Reader was able to carry on reading difficult data matrix codes where other devices failed. An increase in readability of over 90% was observed.”

“The scanner was demonstrated submerged completely in water and continued to outperform all other scanners I have seen and tested. We have found our solution."

  • RGB / White diffused LED SmartLight technology eliminates glare and reflections.
  • Top section design allows reading of difficultly shaped instruments.
  • Instant read (Max read rate is 30 reads/ second).
  • Reliable read on all surface types (Reflective, matt, rough, curved etc).
  • Polished alloy housing.
  • Allows surgical instrument tracking & Traceability.
  • Reads dot peen, laser marked and chemical etched codes.
  • Reads all code sizes and densities automatically.
  • CE & FCC Marked; RoHS 2 compliant.

Manufactured and built in the UK