Storage Tube Readers

 Storage Tube Readers


Scanners for reading up 384 tubes in under a second...

Already a proven world leader in hundreds of laboratories, our range of tube readers are the result of ten years development and manufacturing.

The readers are used to read racks of data matrix marked laboratory storage tubes either singularly or in racks of up to 384 tubes.

The datamatrix codes can be as small as 2mm square and the tubes are arranged in a grid of up to 24 columns by 16 rows.

Our decode engine splits the image into a grid with each grid cell containing a single code, then simultaneously decodes each tube in a total time of around half a second.

The decoder can also distinguish between the a code which is unreadable and an empty grid position.

We can apply this technology to other projects requiring reliable and fast multiple code decoding with either uniform or random positioning and can determine provide quality parameters for each code including code contrast, dimensions, RS Errors etc.

The VisionMate Range:

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