•  SurgiScan ULTRA

    SurgiScan ULTRA

    The SurgiScan Ultra was created by refining the original SurgiScan reader in every detail, specifically crafted for reading 2D Data Matrix barcodes on all surface types of surgical...

  •  Linetrac Pro

    Linetrac Pro Barcode Reader

    The Linetrac Pro was specifically designed to read 2D DataMatrix barcodes on the production line. Its high-speed camera and ability to decode a frame in a few milliseconds allow...

  •  Surgical Instrument reader

    Instrument Tracking

    For over 12 years we have been working on surgical instrument tracking solutions around the world, offering cost effective barcode reading solutions.

    This has enabled the imple...

  •  allows full surgical instrument tracking & traceability.

    SurgiScan Reader

    Introducing the SurgiScan Surgical Instrument reader...

    The market leading surgical instrument scanner just got even better, crafted out of a single piece of alloy and fully IP6...

  •  2D Vision

    2D Vision

    Steribar 2D Vision is the worlds leading Windows Data Matrix decoding software application.

    2D Vision offers:

    Unparalelled decoding performance of up to 50 decodes per se...