See it Working

 Video 1 - Rick's Finger


We have put some videos of the software decoding onto YouTube. 

All codes are decoded using a £10 webcam with no special lighting and with no configuration to the 2D Vision software.

Video 1 - Decoding a large white-on-green datamatrix with a £10 webcam, demonstrating...

  • Fast decoding on a moving code
  • Amazing depth of field
  • Decoding at extreme angles                    
  • And watch out for the decode when the code is obstructed by Rick's finger!

Video 2 - Very impressively decoding lots of different codes on different materials simultaneously with absolutely no configuration with a £10 webcam, demonstrating...

  • You just have to see it to believe it!...
  • Different sized codes are decoded including a 2x4mm code on a surgical instrument.
  • Codes with vastly different contrasts are decoded.
  • Laser, dot peen and printed codes are all decoded one after the other.
  • Codes on Shiny metal surfaces, leather, plastic are all decoded.
  • Codes on medical instruments.
  • Rectangular codes are decoded.
  • Overburnt and underburnt codes are decoded.
  • Amazing depth of field.

Video 3 - Decoding codes on very different items... A piece of very rough leather, a clothes label, a print cartridge, and a test-tube with a £10 webcam, demonstrating...

  • Different sized codes are decoded.
  • Codes on various items and surfaces are decoded.
  • A code on a test-tube is decoded.
  • Overburnt and underburnt codes are decoded.
  • Codes are quickly presented to the camera.