Linetrac Pro Barcode Reader

 Linetrac Pro


The Linetrac Pro was specifically designed to read 2D DataMatrix barcodes on the production line. Its high-speed camera and ability to decode a frame in a few milliseconds allows it keep up with the fastest of lines. Any C-Mount lens can be used, enabling codes as small as 1mm to be read from 10cm away, to larger codes at a distance of 10 meters or more.
Each plug and play device can be configured and monitored remotely via an intuitive web interface in any browser, with no need to install any software on the PC.

The barcode data and other optional device telemetry can be sent to an OPC server and/or directly to a PLC simultaneously via a variety of protocols including Modbus TCP and Mitsubishi MC Protocol.

Linetrac Pro readers offer the ability to be connected to two separate networks; this allows for a setup where the device can export data on the restricted network of the production line, yet can still be configured and monitored by engineers on the general-purpose network.

The Linetrac Pro is CNC milled from a single block of Aluminum, making it extremely rugged. The protective lens cover comes as standard. It is easily removed to allow for the adjustment of the lens in situ. Sealed industry standard M12 connectors are used for both power and Ethernet.