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Steribar Systems is the world's number one provider of OEM data matrix decoding solutions since 2003.

  • SurgiScan ULTRA

    The SurgiScan Ultra was created by refining the original SurgiScan reader in every detail, specifically crafted for reading 2D data Matrix barcodes on all types of surgical instruments & implants in the fastest possible time.

    The SurgiScan Ultra is faster, smaller with a new profile top section to accommodate any shaped instrument.

    With a Larger reading window for more efficient operation with sapphire scratch resistant crystal.

  • allows full surgical instrument tracking & traceability.

    Introducing the SurgiScan Surgical Instrument reader...

    The market leading surgical instrument scanner just got even better, crafted out of a single piece of alloy and fully IP65 rated carrying full CE and FCC certification. We have not only improved the case design but improved the system with our latest decoding algorithm which gives blistering performance on any code, allows full surgical instrument tracking & traceability.

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  • 2D Vision

    2D Vision Download & Decode

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