Our family company, Steribar Systems Ltd. was established in 2003 when we combined our experience from the health service with our background knowledge in industrial tracking and traceability. 

Our aim was to create a scanner which would read "difficult" 2d datamatrix codes on surgical instruments.

We achieved this aim and in subsequent years honed our software and technical expertise to produce world leading solutions.

In the early years we quickly diversified and applied our technolgy to applications in other areas (even reading codes on components for Formula 1)!

Most notably, we developed superfast scanners to read very small, multiple codes on racks of vials for use in biobanks and laboratories. We continue to be the global leader in this field.

In 2014 we launched our new instrument reader - SurgiScan. So confident of it's outstanding performance and impact we also launched our new company 2DSurgical Ltd to focus on this area of business.

We have always believed in working closely with both our customers and our suppliers. Developing these good business relationships has enabled us to achieve the highest standards.

Continuous improvement of our products though ongoing research and development is strongly embedded in our culture. It's simply what we do.

If a generic data matrix reader is not suitable or not providing you with optimal results, we can offer OEM software and hardware products designed specifically for your application and we will work with you to provide a data matrix decoding solution of your own.

From design to production, we provide quality products ready for you so sell & distribute worldwide as your own, built in the UK, full CE, EMC & FCC testing can also be provided.

Our product pages illustrate our ability to provide reading solutions for:
• Millimetre square codes on difficult surfaces.
• Hundreds of codes simultaneously in milliseconds.
• Various codes without the need for accurate placement, aiming or focusing by the user.

This expertise can be applied to reading difficult or multiple data matrix codes in any industry.

If you need to solve or improve a data matrix decoding application or are interested in becoming a partner for new or existing products please get in touch.